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Conference on Identity Politics, National Culture, and Moral Resurgence

The Faculty of Philosophy of the Erasmus University Rotterdam will host a conference on Identity politics, national culture, and moral resurgence.

The conference will take place on May 6 and May 7, 1997, at the Philosophy Department. Address: Oostmaaslaan 950-952, Rotterdam.
News and last minute changes concerning the conference will be announced on these pages.

The conference theme in short
We want to investigate the relation between identity politics and national political cultures. We propose to focus on two dimensions of this relation. First: we aim to analyze, compare and juxtapose the ways in which different national political cultures have or have not managed to come to terms with identity politics, or the politics of difference in its many forms, including ethnic, sexual, religous, linguistic, and physical difference. In what way and to what extent do national cultures provide room for the creation and development of group identities? What social, political and cultural factors are involved? How do national cultures differ from each other on this score? Second, and in complement: in what way and to what extent does the appearance and proliferation of identity groups in (post)modern society in turn influence and modify national political cultures? To what extent do they claim to do so? Are such claims justified? As we aim to approach these matters both descriptively and normatively, both empirical and philosophical contributions will be solicited and welcomed.

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