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Jurjen Kamphorst

About me

I live in Capelle aan den IJssel in The Netherlands with my wife, Ewa Mendys-Kamphorst, and two sons.

On holidays, I enjoy walking in the mountains and visiting old places. I'm still amazed and happy by the beauty of Andalusia. Recently I also have rediscovered kayaking. That's a good thing. In the Netherlands beautiful rivers and creeks are somewhat easier to find than mountains.

Also I love playing games in my free time. Varying from board games, to miniature wargames and roleplaying games. Maybe that explains why I followed game theory so long ago...

Current favorite games:
- Forbidden Stars
- Mechs vs Minions
- Warhammer 40k (8th)
- DnD (5th)
- Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (2nd)
- and many more... it is quite hard to choose.

tel: +31 10 408 89 05