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Jurjen Kamphorst


Below you will find an overview of my refereed publications and my ongoing projects. I have grouped them by theme.

Publications (refereed)

On Organizational Economics

Kamphorst, J.J.A. and O.H. Swank (2016), “Don’t demotivate: discriminate”, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 8(1), 140-65.

Kamphorst, J.J.A. and O.H. Swank (2013) “When Galatea cares about her reputation: How having faith in your workers reduces their motivation to shine”, European Economic Review 60, 91-104.

On (social) network formation

Billand, P., C. Bravard, J. Kamphorst, and S. Sarangi (2017), “Network formation when players seek confirmation of information”, Mathematical Social Sciences 89,  20-31.

De Jaegher, K and J.J.A. Kamphorst (2015), “Minimal two-way flow networks with small decay”, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 109, 217-239.

Kamphorst, J. and G. van der Laan (2007), “Network formation under heterogeneous costs: The multiple group model”, International Game Theory Review 9(4), pp. 599-635.

Haller, H., J. Kamphorst, and S. Sarangi (2007), “(Non-)Existence and scope of Nash networks”, Economic Theory 31(3), pp. 597-604.

Galeotti, A., S. Goyal and J.J.A. Kamphorst (2006), "Network formation with heterogeneous Players", Games and Economic Behavior  54 (2), pp. 353-372.

Competition / Competition Policy

Kamphorst, J.J.A., E. Mendys-Kamphorst and B. Westbrock (2013), “Rational signals of weakness in a market entry game”, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 169(3), 519-530.

Kamphorst, J.J.A. and V. Pruzhansky (2012), “Vertical theory of harm in a horizontal merger: The Friesland Foods/Campina case”, Journal of Competition Law & Economics 8(2), 417–424.


Kamphorst, J.J.A. and B. van Velthoven (2009), “The introduction of an appeals court in Dutch tax litigation”, International Review of Law and Economics 29(1), pp. 13-24.

Ongoing Projects

Organizational economics

"The role of performance appraisals in motivating employees", with O.H. Swank (Revise and Resubmit)

"How intra-organization (gender) quota benefit the firm and affect the beneficiaries", with S. Bijkerk, S. Dominguez and O.H. Swank.

"Should the police prioritize intra-gang violence", with C. Bravard, J. Durieu and S. Sémirat.


"A counter-proof to the Osborne Conjecture", with M. Osborne, J. Rosenthal, and J-P de Vries.

"When and how firm-specific fixed costs affect its optimal price", with E. Mendys-Kamphorst and B. Westbrock.


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