1. Claims of Wakker's (1986) Ph.D. thesis. There is a Dutch tradition of adding claims to one's Ph.D. thesis, showing one's intellectual interests beyond the thesis. I lost my claims around 1990, thinking for 25 years that they were lost forever. I found them back in 2015, thanks to Mark Machina.
  2. History of the term Dutch book.
  3. History of the invention of independence.
  4. Preference for term rank-dependent utility by Quiggin and others.
  5. Calculating cumulative prospect theory.
  6. Writing mathematics using MS Word without using the equation editor.
  7. Instructions for typesetting MS-Word files.
  8. Referees discussing the random-lottery incentive system.
  9. “Who I am:” EADM interview; July 2015.  
  10. Suggestions for organizers of conferences.
  11. Non-professional.