Directions for Typesetting MS-Word Files for Publishers
by Peter P. Wakker
March 20, 2007


Unfortunately, MS-Word files are not as invariant for different computers as it is sometimes believed. Two dependencies for how they appear on your screen, how they are printed, and how they are converted into pdf files, are discussed here that every now and then cause problems.

The problems described below can be inspected for your computer by comparing the MS-Word file
to the corresponding pdf file
The files illustrate two problems, one in Section 1 on fonts missing and one in Section 2 on the list separator symbol. The pdf file shows what the MS-Word file is supposed to look like. Whenever the two are different in a problem, then that problem pertains to your computer and its Word files. (PDF files are better invariant for different computers than MS-Word files.) Unfortunately, if you solve the problems described below on the computer you are now working on, e.g. by installing the required fonts explained below, then the problems are solved only on your computer, and they will reappear on every computer involved next. The main point to take care of is that the following problems will be solved on the computer from which the final printing or converting-to-pdf-file of the final version of the paper will be done.

Last updated: March 21, 2007