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Webwijs. Webmedia met distinctie / Webmedia with distinction


A collection of links by Gijs van Oenen



journals / fora on culture & politics

8Weekly is de [jongste] cultuurhaard van Nederland
Un appareil est un agencement d'hétérogènes qui constitue à un moment donné la condition de l'apparaître du visible.
16Beaver is a platform for the presentation, production, and discussion of a variety of artistic/cultural/economic/political projects.
After 1968  On the notion of the political in post-marxist theory (Jan van Eyck Academy Maastricht) Reports from independent media.
Archined is de architectuursite van Nederland  
Archis is an experimental think tank devoted to the process of real-time spatial and cultural reflexivity and action. It also comprises the journal Volume.
Architectural Theory is a research blog from the
Chair for Architectural Theory at Leopold-Franzens University Innsbruck
babelMed is the leading independent website on Mediterranean issues. It is free, totally independent and put together by a multicultural network of journalists from the whole Mediterranean.
Bad subjects. Political education for everyday life. Artikelen online lezen of heel nummer als pdf-bestand downloaden!
Barcelona Metropolis. City information and thoughts
Beatpunk Webzine 
ist ein Kulturbeutel für Musikalisches und Nicht-Musikalisches, der mit Interviews, Platten-, Konzertberichten und ähnlichen Dingen das Internet voll tapeziert.
The Believer is a monthly magazine where length is no object
Bustler  the sister site to Archinect, focuses on keeping the design community busy and inspired.   Plus qu'informer, nous entendons éclairer, analyser, critiquer l'actualité, faire réfléchir et faire rire, au risque d'agacer voire de choquer. 
Ceasefire magazine aims
to provide intelligent and thought-provoking discussion and analysis on politics, art and activism.
CIEPFC  Le Centre International d’Etude de la Philosophie Française Contemporaine, est un centre de recherches du département de philosophie de l’Ecole Normale Supérieure de la rue d’Ulm.

Ctheory. An international journal of theory,technology, and culture, publishing articles, interviews, event-scenes and reviews of key books
Critical practice is a cluster of artists, researchers, academics and others supported by Chelsea College of Art & Design, London
Dissent  a quarterly magazine of politics and culture edited by Michael Walzer 

e-flux is an international network which reaches more than 90.000 visual arts professionals on a daily basis  
Ephemera: critical dialogues on organization
El puercoespín. Politica, periodismo, literatura, zoología
est un consortium interuniversitaire (Université de Montréal, Université Laval, Université du Québec à Montréal) et un organisme sans but lucratif qui donne accès à plus de 80 revues savantes, 27 revues culturelles, une cinquantaine de livres et actes, 30 000 mémoires et thèses, et près de 3 000 documents et données provenant de centres de recherche subventionnés par le Fonds québécois de recherche sur la société et la culture (FQRSC)
etcéter@. para entender a los medios.
Eurozine is a network of European cultural journals.
Fillip is a publication of art, culture, and ideas released by the Projectile Publishing Society from Vancouver, British Columbia
magazine was set up in 1991 and is the leading magazine of contemporary art and culture. Frieze is published eight times a year and includes essays, reviews and columns by today’s most forward-thinking writers, artists and curators
Frontera/d  La revista digital que hace lo que no hace el resto del periodismo

Guernica. A magazine of art and politics.
The Hannah Arendt papers at the Library of Congress 
Harvard Design Magazine from the Harvard Graduate School of Design 
Humanities. The magazine of the National Endowment for the Humanities (USA), with essays on diverse subjects such as Averroes, Rousseau, Kierkegaard, Nietzsche, Paris, Isaac Newton, Herman Melville, Frederick Law Olmsted, Philosophy on the radio, The Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy, and Lev Manovich.

Interactive Architecture explorers emerging practices within architecture and wider trans-disciplinary fields that forge digital technologies & virtual spaces with tangible and physical spatial experiences.
Jacobin. A magazine of culture and polemic 
Labyrinthe. Atelier interdisciplinaire   
Logos. A journal of modern society and culture.
Theaterschrift Lucifer kiest voor hoogwaardige inhoud op een laagdrempelig en gratis medium  
Metamodernism  metamodern views on
network culture, contemporary architecture, design, fashion, art, music, literature, theatre, performance, photography, film and television
Multitudes. Interventions de façon créative dans le débat intellectuel : politique, stratégique et philosophique, dans une perspective de transformation et de libération sociale. Behalve de twee recentste nummers staan alle afleveringen online
The New Inquiry   is a space for discussion that aspires to enrich cultural and public life by putting all available resources—both digital and material—toward the promotion and exploration of ideas.
Not bored! is autonomous, situationist-inspired, and low budget - also includes Surveillance Camera Players website
website en tijdschrift voor literatuur, kritiek & amusement [voorheen yang & freespace Nieuwzuid]

Online Open is the online continuation of the journal Open! Cahier on art & public domain
Other voices. The (e)journal of cultural criticism
The Point Magazine is a magazine of essays and criticism founded on the suspicion that modern life is worth examining

is a magazine of essays and criticism founded on the suspicion that modern life is worth examining. Begun in 2009 by three graduate students at the University of Chicago, each issue contains essays, reviews and a symposium of responses to a question posed by the editors. - See more at:
is a magazine of essays and criticism founded on the suspicion that modern life is worth examining. Begun in 2009 by three graduate students at the University of Chicago, each issue contains essays, reviews and a symposium of responses to a question posed by the editors. - See more at:
is a magazine of essays and criticism founded on the suspicion that modern life is worth examining. Begun in 2009 by three graduate students at the University of Chicago, each issue contains essays, reviews and a symposium of responses to a question posed by the editors. - See more at:

Polar  Politik Theorie Alltag
Political concepts. A critical lexicon 
is a multidisciplinary, web-based journal that seeks to be a forum for engaged scholarship.
Reconstruction: studies in contemporary culture: innovative cultural studies journal from the USA
Revistas culturalesEl portal de la Asociación de Revistas Culturales de España
La Revue de la regulation. Capitalisme, institutions, pouvoirs vise à fournir un lieu d’expression pour les analyses qui s’inscrivent dans la filiation des recherches régulationnistes ainsi que pour les chercheurs qui souhaitent en débattre.
la rivista del manifesto. Ongereconstrueerd maar onorthodox Italiaans marxisme. Ook met artikelen in andere talen

The Slought foundation is a not-for-profit cultural organization based in Philadelphia that highlights inventive and interdisciplinary practice by collaborating with leading artists and architects in an intimate and participatory environment
Sociale vraagstukken. Sociale denkers in debat.
SpeedLinks on culture, creativity & the Web
springerin  ist das Magazin zur Kritik und Theorie der Kultur der Gegenwart [also in english]
Static: online magazine published by
Architectural Association, Birkbeck College (University of London), the Institute of Contemporary Arts, Science Museum and Tate. Aiming to initiate interdisciplinary intellectual debate about paradoxes of contemporary culture, Static presents contributions from an international team of academics, artists and cultural practitioners.
Tate etc  Europe's largest art magazine, from the famous London museum

Telepolis. Kritisch Duits netmagazine over politiek, samenleving en wetenschap.
Tenuous resilience
is Evan Chakroff's online repository for the author's architectural theory, travel writing, photography, and design work.
The Symptom. Online journal for, met artikelen in verschillende talen
               . .
Todavía. Pensamiento y cultura en América Latina. Argentijns magazine. Online lezen, of per aflevering als pdf downloadbaar 
TPM Online. The philosopher's magazine 
Turbulence. Ideas for movement is
a journal/newspaper that provides a space in which to think through the political, social, economic and cultural theories of our movements

Vers Beton is een Rotterdams online tijdschrift voor journalistiek en opinie.
La vie des id
ées - philosophie  Coopérative intellectuelle, lieu de débat et atelier du savoir
Viewpoint Magazine  Investigations in contemporary politics


the art world 

Artnet Magazine  des informations actualisées quotidiennement, des commentaires et des articles sur le monde de l’art
The Arts desk - art reviews

Arts journal. The daily digest of arts, culture & ideas
Artswrap is a British site dedicated to discovering, sharing and discussing the best in the arts.

Antwoorden/minilezingen nav de theatervoorstelling MightySociety8, een anti-musical over Geert Wilders (2010), waaronder die van mijzelf
BBC discussion on King Lear, 2008 (audio) and the play itself from PBS
Malcolm Bilson discussing the variety of grand piano makes and sounds from the 18th century up till the present - with extensive sound examples
Cultureel persbureau  want er wordt al genoeg onzin verteld over kunst
The Future Symphony Institute is a new and entirely independent, nonpartisan, and nonprofit think tank dedicated to classical music.
Likely impossibilities  ... nights at the opera. Musicologist Micaela Baranello's blog: I am a specialist in Viennese operetta and the works of Richard Strauss, but when I can I go to whatever opera I can find and I have always enjoyed writing reviews. While I hope my writing here is informative, and my perspective is unavoidably that of a historian.
Nafas art magazine. Since March 2003, this online magazine has presented articles, information, and visual material on current art whose essential point of origin or reference is in the Islamic world
ResMusica   couvre l’actualité des salles de spectacles, festivals et institutions musicales avec des chroniques des productions et des articles de reportages, d’interviews ou d’analyses sur tous les aspects de la musique classique et de la danse
Slippedisc  The inside track on classical music and related cultures, by Norman Lebrecht

institutes / centers / platforms

aMAZElab works as a network for creative production, reflection and cultural exchange, that establishes itself in an interdisciplinare area. aMAZElab develops an attitude for intervention in social issues, in the fold of public policy, nomadism, of today’s precarious and temporary settlements. aMAZElab is committed in researches on territories, communities, micro-geographies, emerging cultures.
basis voor actuele kunst, is a platform dedicated to thinking, researching, producing, presenting, and analyzing contemporary art based in Utrecht, The Netherlands.
Berlage Institute Rotterdam
has now become part of Delft University
The Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona (CCCB) organizes and produces exhibitions, debates, festivals and concerts, programmes film cycles, courses and lectures, and encourages creation using new technologies and languages
ICI Berlin: The Berlin Institute for Cultural Inquiry is an independent centre for research and culture dedicated to exploring how diverse cultures can be brought into productive rather than pernicious confrontation'.
Jan van Eyck Academie Post-Academic Institute for research and production, fine art, design & theory
kunstaspekte ist ein Internetprojekt, dem die Idee der Entwicklung eines Informationsnetzes für Bildende Kunst mit internationalem Spektrum zugrunde liegt. Es verbindet aktuelle Informationen zu Ausstellungen und lexikalische Einträge zu KünstlerInnen und Kunststätten mit einem komfortablen Suchsystem.
Networked Cultures investigates the cultural transformations under way in Europe through examining the potentials and effects of networked spatial practices.

Open Space - Zentrum für Kunstprojekte stellt sich zur Aufgabe, verschiedene Felder kreativer Praxis zusammenzuführen, reale und/oder virtuelle Foren bzw. Freiräume der Zusammenarbeit zu schaffen und Gemeinschaftsprojekte anzuregen. Open Space - Zentrum für Kunstprojekte would like to introduce an experiential framework derived from contemporary creative practice to the issue of intercultural dialogue to a new audience as a connecting link within the frame of new circulation in its multi layered stance that produces new cross-connections
Partizan Publik is a think and action tank devoted to a braver society
SALT  culture and art with an intellectual view, free for all to visit in Istanbul's city center 
Theatrum Mundi
is a professional network of urbanists and artists in different cities and offers a forum for cross-disciplinary discussion about cultural and public space in the city. It was founded in June 2012 by Richard Sennett. 
Urban Tactics archive projects, researches and texts by aaa and their collaborators. They reflect the conditions of the contemporary city and the means and tools of an architectural and urban practice which is more inclusive and respectful of the desires of inhabitants and users, whatever is their social and cultural background.
VanAbbe Museum, probably the most intellectually engaged museum in the Netherlands
V2   Institute for the unstable media in Rotterdam

Online classical texts   

The Perseus digital library from Tufts University is the foremost digital library for the classical world, if not for the Humanities in general. It includes a Greek and Roman collection with text in both Greek and English - with extensive grammatical and linguistic information per word! All traditional classical authors are included. Furthermore Perseus contains Renaissance works including Shakespeare, and several translations of the Quran, as well as an Arabic version (and an English language Bible, as well as a Vulgata, and a Greek New Testament). The same collection can also be used through the University of Chicago with a different interface from PhiloLogic.
The Shakespeare complete works website from MIT 
The Internet Classics Archive from MIT contains 441 works of classical literature (in rather traditional English translations).
The online library of liberty, from the Liberty Fund, with a very large collection of primary texts, in several formats
Projekt Gutenberg  
enthält über 5500 Romane, Erzählungen, Novellen, Dramen, Gedichte und Sachbücher in deutscher Sprache von über 1200 Autoren
Locke's Two treatises of government in pdf
Hegel's Phänomenologie des Geistes   complete German text on a single html page. has English language versions of many texts in the marxist tradition      
Nietzsche source - the complete digital edition of the Colli/Montinari critical edition, plus manuscript facsimiles has a large collection of texts in German from philosophy, sociology, and many other fields in the humanities, e.g. Karl Marx and
Max Weber
Immanuel Kants collected works in the Akademie-edition 
Antonio Gramsci - Quaderni del Carcere 
Walter Benjamin's Kunstwerkessay ist eine Sammlung historischer Texte und W
örterbücher mit Schwerpunkt Philosophie, Kunst und Ästhetik [nice but eclectic collection; everything in German (translation)]

wetenschappelijke tijdschriften / scientific journals
nb: vereisen veelal toegangsrechten, bijv. via EUR netwerk 

ACE: Architecture, city and environment  [NB: deels Spaanstalig] open-access
Alternatives explores the possibilities of new forms of political practice and identity under increasingly global conditions.
American political science review  is political science's premier scholarly research journal
Angelaki  Journal of theoretical humanities 
Arq - Architectural Research Quarterly  publishes cutting-edge work covering all aspects of architectural endeavour. Contents include building design, urbanism, history, theory, environmental design, construction, materials, information technology, and practice. Other features include interviews, occasional reports, lively letters pages, book reviews and an end feature, Insights.
British journal for the history of philosophy fosters understanding of the history of philosophy through studying the texts of past philosophers in the context - intellectual, political and social - in which the text was created
The British Journal of Sociology is associated with the LSE
Circuit: musiques contemporaines 
Citizenship Studies 
focuses on debates that move beyond conventional notions of citizenship, and treats citizenship as a strategic concept that is central in the analysis of identity, participation, empowerment, human rights and the public interest
City analysis of urban trends, culture, theory, policy, action
Common knowledge
regularly challenges the ways we think about scholarship and its relevance to humanity.
Constellations  an International Journal of Critical and Democratic Theory
Contemporary aesthetics is an international, interdisciplinary, peer-reviewed, online journal of contemporary theory, research, and application in aesthetics. open-access

Contemporary Political Theory 
is for those with an interest in the wide-range of contemporary political theory and philosophy, including analytical political philosophy, radical and post-structural political thought, feminist theory, international relations theory and philosophy of social science.
Continental Thought and Theory (CT&T). A journal of intellectual freedom, responds to the need for international critical engagement.   open-access
Contretemps  philosophical engagement with social and politics events
Crisis and critique 
is dedicated to exploring and critically developing political and social issues from the Marxist perspective, as well as exploring and addressing the emancipatory potential of Marxist thought and tradition. It also discusses the developments within the contemporary currents in philosophy.
Critical horizons  Whilst moving beyond critical theory, Critical Horizons remains committed to exploring the many dimensions of the human condition through which understandings and critiques of contemporary societies can be made.
Critical inquiry  has published the best critical thought in the arts and humanities since 1974.
Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy (CRISPP) explores the theoretical assumptions and implications of such policy issues and socio-political-legal processes as: democratization, multiculturalism, environmental protection, development aid European Union, judicial legislation, globalization, and social stratification
Critical Sociology has been a leading voice of sociological analysis from a political economy perspective
Cultural critique   provides a forum for creative and provocative scholarship in the theoretical humanities and humanistic social sciences
Cultural politics   is an international, refereed journal that explores the global character and effects of contemporary culture and politics. It analyzes how cultural identities, agencies and actors, political issues and conflicts, and global media are linked, characterized, examined and resolved.
Culture, theory and critique is an
interdisciplinary journal for the transformation and development of critical theories in the humanities and social sciences. 

Dance Research Journal  is the official journal of the Congress on Research in Dance
Daedalus was founded in 1955 as the journal of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Deleuze Studies  is neither a philosophy journal, nor a literature journal, nor a cultural studies journal, but all three and more
Derrida Today  focuses on what Derrida's thought offers to contemporary debates about politics, society and global affairs
Deutsche Zeitschrift für Philosophie promotes the open dialog and communication between philosophers of differing schools of thought and different philosophical cultures
diacritics  offers a forum for rethinking the aims and methods of the humanities. The journal features a reflexive approach to literary theory and criticism, "Continental" philosophy, and political thought. The past, present, and future relationships between intellectual creation, language, conceptual knowledge, and artistic invention are the main concerns of diacritics.
Distinktion: Scandinavian Journal of Social Theory  investigates the interface between social and political theory

Environment and Planning: Society and Space
European Journal of Political Theory  debates national intellectual traditions of European scholarship, including such topics as the diverse traditions of republicanism; the changing nature of sovereignty; contrasting ideas of nation and citizenship; and methodological debates over approaches to the study of the history of political ideas.
European Journal of Social Theory  conception of social theory is broad-ranging including all varieties of contemporary social and political thought, such as: critical theory · the approaches of Habermas, Bourdieu, Touraine, Luhmann, Giddens; neofunctionalism; postmodernism; critical realism; the sociology of knowledge; rational choice; constructivism; feminist social theory; marxism; communitarianism; hermeneutics.
The European Legacy. Toward new paradigms  is a multidisciplinary journal devoted to the study of European intellectual and cultural history and the new paradigms of thought evolved in the making of the New Europe

First Monday: peer reviewed journal on the Internet
Footprint. Delft school of design journal on architecture and urban research .
Foucault Studies  is an electronic, open access, peer reviewed, international journal that publishes work about, and which uses, the ideas of the French thinker Michel Foucault.
History of the human sciences   forum for contemporary social science research that examines its own historical origins and interdisciplinary influences in an effort to review current practice
International Journal of Baudrillard Studies
is a non-profit, transdisciplinary publication dedicated to engaging the thought and writing of Jean Baudrillard.
International Journal of Zizek Studies is an online, peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to investigating, elaborating, and critiquing the work of Slavoj Žižek.

Journal of Classical Sociology promotes discussions of early social theory, such as Hobbesian contract theory, through the 19th- and early 20th- century classics associated with the thought of Comte, Marx, Durkheim, Weber, Simmel, Veblen. Pareto and Mosca, through to contemporary work, such as network theory and transformations in social systems theory
Journal of European Studies  is firmly established as one of the leading interdisciplinary humanities and cultural studies.
Journal of the History of Ideas defines intellectual history expansively and ecumenically, including the histories of philosophy, of literature and the arts, of the natural and social sciences, of religion, and of political thought.
Journal of Nietzsche Studies is an international, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to publishing the best philosophical research about and related to the philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche
Journal of Political Ideologies is dedicated to the analysis of political ideology both in its theoretical and conceptual aspects, and with reference to the nature and roles of concrete ideological manifestations and practices.
Journal of Political Philosophy is an international journal devoted to the study of theoretical issues arising out of moral, legal and political life.
Journal of Social Philosophy  seeks to publish creative approaches to practical and normative issues of contemporary social life, such as those arising from economic and other forms of globalization, violent political conflict, and the multiplicity of cultural experiences worldwide.
Journal of Urban Affairs by The Urban Affairs Association, the international professional organization for urban scholars, researchers, and public service providers.

Krisis  is an open-access peer-reviewed Dutch journal for contemporary philosophy, with an open eye to Europe
Law, culture & the humanities reflects on a broad range of text and media that will contribute to dialogue across and among fields about such issues as interpretation, identities and values, authority, obligation, speech, justice and power.
Leonardo,  founded in 1968, has become an international channel of communication for artists who use science and developing technologies in their work.
Modern drama  is the most prominent journal in English to focus on dramatic literature 
Modern intellectual history focuses on intellectual and cultural history from the mid-seventeenth century to the present, with primary attention to Europe and the Americas and to transnational developments that encompass the non-West.
Modernism/modernity  encourages an interdisciplinary approach linking music, architecture, the visual arts, literature, and social and intellectual history
New German Critique  an interdisciplinary journal that focuses on twentieth- and twenty-first-century German studies
New Left Review. The politics, economics and culture of a contemporary non-conformism
New Literary History 
focuses on questions of theory, method, interpretation, and literary history. Rather than espousing a single ideology or intellectual framework, it canvasses a wide range of scholarly concerns.
No Foundations. An interdisciplinary journal of law and justice
is an international peer reviewed open-access journal that seeks to bridge the gap between law and other social and human activities and experiences.

PAJ - A journal of Performance and Art offers extended coverage of the visual arts (such as video, installations, photography, and multimedia performance), in addition to reviews of new works in theatre, dance, film, and opera
Paragraph, founded in 1983, is a leading journal in modern critical theory, publishing essays which explore critical theory and its application to literature, other arts and society
has established an international reputation for bringing together outstanding new work in cultural studies, critical theory and philosophy
The Philosophical Forum publishes innovative, interdisciplinary contributions in contemporary philosophical inquiry, bridging the gap between analytical and continental scholarship.
Philosophy & Social Criticism   presents original theoretical contributions to the latest developments in social and political thought, emphasizing the contributions of continental scholarship as it affects international theoretical developments
Political Theory  
offers essays in historical political thought, modern political theory, normative and analytical philosophy, and the history of ideas, as well as critical assessments of current work.  [link works for issues 1999- ; for earlier issues 1973-2006 use JSTOR]
Public Culture 
An interdisciplinary journal of transnational cultural studies
Radical philosophy  provides a forum for debate and discussion of theoretical issues on the left.
Representations  is at  the forefront of innovative scholarship in the humanities and interpretive social sciences. Edited by an outstanding group of scholars, Representations publishes trend-setting articles in a wide variety of fields - literature, history, art history, anthropology, and social theory.
Rethinking history allows historians in a broad range of specialities to experiment with new ways of presenting and interpreting history.
Rethinking marxism. A journal of economics, culture, and society

S. Journal of the Jan van Eyck circle for lacanian ideology critique 
Social Research  Articles and review articles in all areas of social research, and occasional issues on a common theme, published by the New School for Social Research.
Sociological theory  publishes work in all areas of theory, including new substantive theories, history of theory, metatheory, formal theory construction, and synthetic contributions.
Space and culture  brings together dynamic, critical  interdisciplinary research at the interface of cultural geography, sociology, cultural studies, architectural theory, ethnography, communications, urban studies, environmental studies and discourse analysis.
Studies in social and political thought  from the Centre for Social & Political Thought at Essex seeks to foster and promote interdisciplinarity in social and political thought   open-access  
Substance  is an international nexus for discourses converging upon literature from a variety of fields, including philosophy, the social science, science, and the arts. 

Techne: research in philosophy and technology  open-access
Theatre Topics focuses on performance studies, dramaturgy, and theatre pedagogy
TDR The Drama Review  provides scholarship on performances and their social, economic and political contexts. With an emphasis on the experimental, avant-garde, intercultural and interdisciplinary, it covers dance theatre, performance art, popular entertainment, media, sports, rituals and performance in politics and everyday life
Theory, Culture & Society  
builds upon the heritage of the classic founders of social theory and examines the ways in which this tradition has been reshaped by a new generation of theorists.
Theory & Event   chronicles creative political thought in the humanities and the social sciences. It features Essays and other forms of writing and representation, including poetry, photos, montage, hypertext links that address the power of sovereignty, territory and government; old, new, and emerging forms of identity
provides an international forum for discussions of political, social, and cultural change. It builds a bridge between intellectual debates in Europe and the United States
Thesis Eleven  encourages the development of social theory across the social sciences and liberal arts. The journal is international and interdisciplinary with a central focus on theories of society, culture, and politics and the understanding of modernity
Theoretical criminology  renews general theoretical debate, exploring the interrelation of theory and data in empirical research and advancing the links between criminological analysis and general social and political theory.
Transformations - journal, art space, conferences
Transversal - multilingual journal from the European Institute for progressive cultural policies
Tijdschrift voor Religie, Recht en Beleid  belicht de bestuurskundige, beleidsmatige, juridische, sociologische, antropologische en internationale aspecten op het snijvlak van recht, religie en bestuur.

nwo-programma's  / programs sponsored by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research

Culturele dynamiek / cultural dynamics (2007-2013)
The future of the religious past 
New strategies in the conservation of contemporary art  (2009-2013)
Omstreden democratie/ contested democracy  (2008-2012)
The Sacred and the Secular: Genealogies of Self, State, and Society in the Contemporary Islamic World (2006-2010)
Social dimensions of privacy  (2009-2013)
Transformaties in kunst en en cultuur transformations in art and culture
Urbansciences. De website van het NWO-programma Urbanisatie & stadscultuur. Stadsontwikkeling en stedelijkheid in Nederland

Lectures, talks & movies

Former West has a number of fascinating lectures, talks and discussions online (2009-2010), by e.g. Etienne Balibar, Costas Douzinas, David Held, and on the page Video Recordings  lectures by Beatriz Colomina, Jodi Dean, Boriz Groys, Renata Salecl, Ernesto Laclau, Peter Osborne, and many others.
Alles wat we wilden. Film (2010) van
Sarah Domogala over vier jonge, creatieve, ambitieuze mensen. Zie ook het VPRO blog over deze film.

Van Slavoj Zizek staan veel filmpjes online, onder meer zijn bijdrage in Examined Life van Astra Taylor (2008), de animatie First as tragedy, then as farce, What does it mean to be a revolutionary today?
The Dutch TV program Tegenlicht made a fascinating documentary discussion on/with Zizek: Welcome to the real world / Living in the end times (2010) (50 min.)
Great minds - Slavoj Zizek (July 1, 2011; 90 min.) 
Zizek!  A movie by Astra Taylor  
Zizek on architecture and aesthetics. (Ljubljana, June 10, 2010; 66 min)
Screening thought: Slavoj Zizek and Paul Taylor (Institute of Contemporary Arts, London, 95 min)

Derrida - the movie. A documentary by Kirby Dick and Amy Ziering-Kofman (2002, 86 min)

Foucault 13/13: 13 seminars on Michel Foucault's College de France lectures, at Columbia University, 2015-2016
Nietzsche 13/13: 13 seminars on thinkers related to Nietzsche, Columbia University, 2016-2017
Uprising 13/13: 13 forms of uprising, Columbia University, 2017-2018
Critique & Praxis 13/13, Columbia University, 2018-2019

The European Graduate School has many videolectures online, a.o. by Giorgio Agamben, Jean Baudrillard, Judith Butler, Manuel de Landa, Geert Lovink, Lev Manovich, Jacques Ranciere, Agnes Varda, Paul Virilio & Slavoj Zizek.

Philosophy and communism: Alain Badiou and Slavoj Zizek. A Lacanian Ink Event, Jack Tilton Gallery, NYC, 15 october 2010
Noam Chomsky: The role of the radical intellectual - some personal reflections. Madison, Winsconsin, 18 april 2010 (58 min.; also with written text).
More Chomsky talks and lectures at Chomsky's Lectern.
Justice, culture, and tradition. Three-day conference on the work of Michael Walzer at the Institute for Advanced Study (2008)

Richard Sennett over zelfgenoegzame solidariteit (2008). Or Take a walk with Richard Sennett through the West Village 
The sociology of public life: a LSE seminar on the work of Richard Sennett, part 1, part 2, part 3 14 may 2010   (92 min., 73 min., 90 min.)

Human, all too human: Martin Heidegger: thinking the unthinkable
William Connolly,
Capital flows, sovereign practices, and global resonance machines. Lecture at the Watson Institute at Brown Universtiy, october 2009  
Videos of public lectures and events at the London School of Economis and Political Science  
Charles Taylor, The future of the secular, lecture at the New School, New York (80 min, including discussion)
Eva Illouz,The Stability of Valatility: Emotion, Consumption, Imagination. Annenberg colloquium, 23 march 2005
Samuel Moyn, The last utopia. Human rights in history, 28 october 2009 (50 min)
Micheline Ishay on the history of human rights in an interdependent world, Hertie School of governance, Berlin, 9 september 2010 (42 min)
Jacques Ranciere, The reality effect and the politics of fiction. Talk at ICI (Institute for Cultural Inquiry), Berlin, september 2009 (57 min + 26 min discussion)
Jane Bennett, Powers of the hoard. Notes on affirmative agency. Talk at ICI (Institute for Cultural Inquiry), Berlin, may 2011 (47 min + 26 min discussion)
Seyla Benhabib, Pleidooi voor gastvrijheid. LUX, IKON  8 augustus 2011 (28 min)
Sherry Turkle over haar boek Alone together. Why we expect more from technology and less from each other. Gesprek op 2, 25 september 2011 (25 min)
Jennifer Homans talking about her book Apollo's Angels. A history of ballet, Aspen Ideas Festival 2011

Does philosophy still matter? Colloquium at the New School, New York, February 1, 2011
Media archive of the philosophy department of the New School 
Reading The concept of law. A series of talks on ‘The Concept of Law’, commemorating the 50th anniversary of HLA Hart’s landmark work, held in May 2011 in Oxford

PBS documentaries on artists Jenny Holzer (53 min) and William Kentridge (Anything is possible, 2010, 53 min)

Christine Hayes on Studying the Old Testament (Yale open course)
24 lectures on political philosophy, by Steven B. Smith, Yale University
John Grumley's Hannah Arendt course in 12 parts, and the course From Marx to Foucault (University of Sydney)


Splijtstof   Faculteit Filosofie, Theologie en Religiewetenschappen Radboud Universiteit
Cimedart   wijsbegeerte UvA
De filosoof   wijsbegeerte UUtrecht
Troika  Taal- en Letterkunde, Wijsbegeerte en Geschiedenis Universiteit Antwerpen

weekbladen / periodieken / magazines & other media 

De Witte Raaf. Meest culturele blad van de Lage Landen. Tweemaandelijks.
De Groene. Kritisch links uit Nederland.
Die Zeit.
Onmisbaar om te weten wat er sociaal-cultureel op- en voorhanden is - in Duitsland en daarbuiten.

Times Literary Supplement. Literatuur(kritiek) op z'n (traditioneel-)Engels.
London Review of Books. Nog wat meer highbrow dan de TLS. Enkele artikelen per issue online.
de redactie. kwaliteitsnieuws uit Belgie.
The Nation. Unconventional wisdom since 1865. Kritisch links uit de USA.
Boston Review. Online compleet en gratis toegankelijk. Het beste alternatief voor de New York Review of Books
The New Rambler  An online review of books, sponsored by the University of Chicago Law School

The New York Review of Books. Behoeft geen toelichting. Enkele artikelen per issue online.
The New Republic. Immer, soms wanhopig, op zoek naar een onafhankelijk (links?-)liberaal standpunt - recent echter om zeep geholpen door nieuwe eigenaar en internetmiljardair Chris Hughes
The American prospect. Het beste alternatief voor The New Republic. Politiek minder geforceerd, (maar) nog wat marginaler.
The New Yorker. Goeie mix van onderwerpen, ook serieuze investigative journalism.
Los Angeles Review of Books 
a nonprofit, multimedia literary and cultural arts magazine that combines the tradition of the serious book review with the evolving technologies of the Web
is a leading voice of the American left, offering socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture
NewStatesman  Politics and culture from Britain 

Al Jazeera in English
De Academische Boekengids beoogt een breed publiek te informeren over recente ontwikkelingen binnen de wetenschap in de ruimste zin des woords
Marx & Philosophy Review of Books
publishes online reviews of books in the area of Marxism and philosophy interpreted broadly as regard both 'Marxism' and 'philosophy'.
Berlin review of books
reviews of, and insightful essays based on, important recent books published in any language, with a focus on non-fiction
Los Angeles review of books 
both a literary and cultural arts magazine
LSE Review of books
publishes daily reviews of academic books across all the social science disciplines


One-way street: Aesthetics and politics. A Benjamin-inspired blog by Richard Prouty 
The Alligator
provides high grade journalism, comment, essay and multimedia for those affiliated with Oxford University and a global audience.
A very public sociologist. Sociology with a militant twist
An und für sich  philosophy, ecology, theology and more
And the rest is noise... Books, articles & and a blog by the music critic of The New Yorker, Alex Ross
BLDG blog  is on architectural conjecture, urban speculation, and landscape futures
Scott Burnham: creative strategist, creator and curator of Droog Desing's Urban Play, writer, lecturer, and all around good guy
Anna Clark.
Freelance journalist, writer, educator, editor.
Eugenia Codina's blog between Rotterdam y Barcelona
The contemporary condition 
seeks dialogue
Counterfire provides news, features and theories from a network of activists who are Marxist, anti-capitalist, anti-war, anti-cuts while campaigning for equality and workers' rights  is de weblog van Reinhard Heil (TU Darmstadt) 
Engineering society
publication platform for recent developments in social engineering and the interdisciplinary program 'Social Engineering in the Amsterdam Metropolis 2009
Cengiz Erdem's blog

Explore media is de crossmedia blogsite van Daphne Dijkerman
Foucault blog: news, commentary, reviews and dicussions on the work of Michel Foucault, by Jeremy W. Crampton
Habermasian reflections  
ICite is Jodi Dean's filosofie-blog.
The Immanent Frame. Secularism, religion and the public sphere is a collective academic blog
LongSunday is een blog voor postmoderne intellectuelen
k-punk  blog by Mark Fisher
Kritik  a public forum on theory, culture, and politics from the Unit for Criticism and Interpretive Theory at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Les livres de philosophie  
Luna17 is an activist blog by Alex Snowdon, with the aim to connect news and comment to political activism and campaigns  Een bijdrage aan het sociaal construct 
Netcritique by Geert Lovink (Media Studies University of Amsterdam)
Networked Performance (N_P) is a research blog that focuses on network-enabled practices
the notes taken  
is dedicated to the review of important books in philosophy, politics, history or fiction
Jean-Michel Palmier - articles redecouverts  essays by French philosopher and cultural historian Jean-Michel Palmier, collected by Sebastien Ronger
Persistent Enlightenment.   James Schimidt's blog at Boston University
Political theory - Habermas and Rawls 
Posthegemony blogspot with principal interests in cultural and political theory and Latin American Studies
Progressive geographies    Stuart Elden's blog on things progressive related to territory, and on his forthcoming book on Foucault's Last Decade   
Slackbastard  Anarchy and apathy battle it out on @ndy's blog
Supervalentthought is Lauren Berlant's blog - Ein Forum für politische Theorie und Philosophie
Walter Mignolo's thoughts on modernity/coloniality, geopolitics  of knowledge, borger thinking, pluriversality, and the decolonial option

nieuwsgaarders en achtergrondspeurders

Verken de wereld van kunst, literatuur en politiek met Arts & Letters Daily
Deel progressieve gedachten in Commondreams
Sla terug met Counterpunch
Een andere kijk op het nieuws biedt Indymedia
Doorkruis Latijns-Amerika met La Insignia
Zwem tegen het tij in met Open Democracy
Duik culturele parels op bij Perlentaucher  (Engelse versie: SignandSight)
Tegenwicht: een site voor kritische burgers van de Nederlandse samenleving


Chicago School of Media Theory's keywords glossary  

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