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Jurjen Kamphorst

I am an assistant professor at the Erasmus School of Economics in Rotterdam, and a fellow of the Tinbergen Institute.

Earlier I have worked at the USE in Utrecht, the law faculty in Leiden and, as a PhD student, at the VU in Amsterdam.

Currently I am living with my wife and two children in Capelle aan den IJssel.

Research interests

In recent years I have mainly done theoretical research on the role of feedback on employee motivation, and on how workfloor anticipation of discrimination (or favoritism) can induce such behavior by managers.

Moreover, I have contributed to the field of (social) network formation, as well as the fields of Industrial Organization, Law & Economics and Competition Policy.

Most recent publications

Billand, P., C. Bravard, J. Kamphorst, and S. Sarangi (2017), “Network formation when players seek confirmation of information”, Mathematical Social Sciences 89,  20-31.

Kamphorst, J.J.A. and O.H. Swank (2016), “Don’t demotivate: discriminate”, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics 8(1), 140-65.

De Jaegher, K and J.J.A. Kamphorst (2015), “Minimal two-way flow networks with small decay”, Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization 109, 217-239.

Kamphorst, J.J.A. and O.H. Swank (2013) “When Galatea cares about her reputation: How having faith in your workers reduces their motivation to shine”, European Economic Review 60, 91-104.

Kamphorst, J.J.A., E. Mendys-Kamphorst and B. Westbrock (2013), “Rational signals of weakness in a market entry game”, Journal of Institutional and Theoretical Economics 169(3), 519-530.



tel: +31 10 408 89 05