Josse Delfgaauw

                    Personal Data

Full name: Josse Delfgaauw
Affiliations: Associate Professor, Department of Economics, Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam
  Research Fellow, Tinbergen Institute
Address: Department of Economics,
Erasmus University Rotterdam,
P.O. Box 1738,
3000 DR Rotterdam,
The Netherlands
Room: E1-02
Phone: (+31) 10 - 408 2902
Office hours: Via e-mail
  Curriculum Vitae

                      Courses 2023-2024

        FEB12001:  Toegepaste Micro-economie

        FEB12001x: Applied Microeconomics

        FEB13050:  Economics of Markets and Organisations

                      Recent Working Papers

Social Desirability Bias in Attitudes towards Sexism and DEI Policies at the Workplace (with Anne Boring).
Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper 24-002.

The Political Economy of Commitment to Policies (with Otto Swank).
Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper 23-060.


The Political Climate Trap (with Otto Swank).
Journal of Environmental Economics and Management, vol. 124, 102935. (pdf).

Team Incentives, Social Cohesion, and Performance: A Natural Field Experiment (with Robert Dur, Oke Onemu, and Joeri Sol).
Management Science, 2022, vol. 68(1), pp. 230-256. (pdf)

The Effects of Student Feedback to Teachers: Evidence from a Field Experiment (with Margaretha Buurman, Robert Dur, and Robin Zoutenbier).
Labour Economics, August 2020, vol. 65, 101858. (pdf)

Team Incentives, Task Assignment, and Performance: A Field Experiment (with Robert Dur and Michiel Souverijn).
The Leadership Quarterly, June 2020, 31(3), 101241. (pdf)

Biased Supervision (with Michiel Souverijn)
ournal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2016, vol. 130, pp. 107-125. (pdf)

Task-specific Human Capital and Organizational Inertia (with Otto Swank)
Journal of Economics & Management Strategy, 2016, vol. 25(3), pp. 608-626. (pdf)

The Effects of Prize Spread and Noise in Elimination Tournaments: A Natural Field Experiment (with Robert Dur, Arjan Non, and Willem Verbeke).
Journal of Labor Economics, 2015, vol. 33(3), pp. 521-569
. (pdf)

Dynamic Incentive Effects of Relative Performance Pay: A Field Experiment (with Robert Dur, Arjan Non, and Willem Verbeke).
Labour Economics,
2014, vol. 28(June), pp. 1-13
. (pdf)

Tournament Incentives in The Field: Gender Differences in The Workplace (with Robert Dur, Joeri Sol, and Willem Verbeke).
Journal of Labor Economics, 2013, vol. 32(2), pp. 305-326. (pdf)

Public Sector Employees: Risk Averse and Altruistic? (with Margaretha Buurman, Robert Dur, and Seth van den Bossche).
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2012, vol. 83(3), pp. 279-291. (pdf)

Managerial Talent, Motivation, and Self-Selection into Public Management (with Robert Dur).
Journal of Public Economics, 2010, vol. 94(9-10), pp. 654-660. (pdf)

From Public Monopsony to Competitive Market: More Efficiency but Higher Prices (with Robert Dur). 
Oxford Economic Papers, 2009, vol. 61(3), pp. 586 - 602. (pdf)

Incentives and Workers’ Motivation in the Public Sector (with Robert Dur).
Economic Journal, 2008, vol. 118, pp. 171-191. (pdf)

Where To Go? Workers’ Reasons to Quit and Intra- versus Interindustry Job Mobility.
Applied Economics, 2007, vol. 39(16), pp. 2057-2067. (pdf)

The Effect of Job Satisfaction on Job Search: Not Just Whether, But Also Where. 
Labour Economics, 2007, vol. 17(3), pp. 299-317. (pdf, Working Paper)

Signaling and Screening of Workers’ Motivation (with Robert Dur).
Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization, 2007, vol. 62(4), pp 605-624. (pdf)

My PhD-thesis:
Wonderful and Woeful Work: Incentives, Selection, Turnover, and Workers' Motivation.
Tinbergen Institute Research Series no. 388. Rotterdam: Thela Thesis. (pdf)

                      Older Non-working Papers

Need To Know? On information systems in firms (with Suzanne Bijkerk, Vladimir Karamychev, and Otto Swank).
Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper 18-091.

Management Practices: Are Not For Profits Different? (with Robert Dur, Carol Propper, and Sarah Smith).
Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper 11-094/1.

Dedicated Doctors: Public and Private Provision of Health Care with Altruistic Physicians. 
Tinbergen Institute Discussion Paper 07-010/1