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Dinand Webbink

Professor of Policy Evaluation       


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Erasmus School of Economics
Department of Economics
PO Box 1738
3000 DR Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Office: H9-18
Tel.: +31 (0)10 4081421



  • Teacher quality and student achievement: Evidence from a sample of Dutch twins, Journal of Applied Econometrics, forthcoming, (with Sander Gerritsen and Erik Plug)

  • The Effect of Media Exposure of Suspects on Solving Crime, Economic Journal, forthcoming, (with Judith van Erp and Froukje van Gastel)

  • On the genetic bias of the quarter of birth instrument, Economics and Human Biology, 2016, 21, 137-146 (with Niels Rietveld)

  • Why Did the Netherlands Develop So Early? The Legacy of the Brethren of the Common Life, Economic Journal, 2016, 593, 821-860 (with Semih Akcomak and Bas ter Weel)

  • Does intensive coaching reduce school dropout? Evidence from a randomized experiment, Economics of Education Review, 2015, 48, 184-197 (with Marc van der Steeg and Roel van Elk)

  • The Effect of Education on Smoking Behaviour, New Evidence from Smoking Durations of a Sample of Twins, Empirical Economics, 2015, 48(4), 1479-1497 (with Pierre Koning and Nick Martin)

  • The long-term effects of military conscription on educational attainment and wages, IZA Journal of Labor Economics, 2015, 4 (10) (with Frank Hubers)

  • The Impact of Training Vouchers on Low-skilled Workers, Labour Economics, 2014, 31, 117-128 (with Diana Hidalgo and Hessel Oosterbeek)
  • Sexual Orientation, Prejudice and Segregation, Journal of Labor Economics, 2014, 32 (1), 123-159 (with Erik Plug and Nick Martin)
  • Can financial incentives for regional education authorities reduce school dropout?, De Economist, 2013, 161 (4), 367-398 (with Roel van Elk and Marc van der Steeg)
  • Why are criminals less educated than non-criminals?, Journal of Law, Economics, and Organization, 2013, 29 (1), 115-144 (with Pierre Koning, Suncica Vujic, Nick Martin)
  • The effect of schooling on problem drinking: evidence from Australian twins, Applied Economics, 2013, 45 (12), 1583-1599 (with N. Zubanov and N. Martin)
  • The effect of conduct disorder on human capital accumulation, Health Economics, 2012, 8: 928-945 (with Suncica Vujic, Pierre Koning, Nick Martin)
  • Multivariate Genetic Analyses of Cognition and Academic Achievement from Two Population Samples of 174,000 and 166,000 School Children, Behavior Genetics, 2012, 42, 699-710, (with Catherine Calvin, Ian J. Deary,Pauline Smith, Cres Fernandes, Sang Hong Lee, Michelle Luciano and Peter Visscher)
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  • Wage effects of an extra year of basic vocational education, Economics of Education Review, 2007,26, 408-419 (with H. Oosterbeek)
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  • Does reducing student support affect scholastic performance? Evidence from a Dutch reform, Empirical Economics, 2007,32 (2), 261-275 (with M. Belot and E. Canton)
  • Identification of Twin Pairs from large population-based samples, Twin Research and Human Genetics, 2006, 9 (4), 496-500, (with J. Roeleveld and P. Visscher)
  • Causal effects in education, Journal of Economic Surveys, 2005, 19 (4), p. 535-560
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  • Is there a hidden technical potential? De Economist, 145 (1997), nr. 2, 159-177 (with H. Oosterbeek)
  • Enrolment in higher education in the Netherlands, De Economist, 143 (1995), nr. 3, 367-380 (with H. Oosterbeek). Awarded with the Hennipman Prize for best article in 1995-1996




    Working papers

    • How much do children learn in school? International evidence from school entry rules, CPB Discussion Paper, 2013 (with Sander Gerritsen)


    Personal background

    Professional experience

    2000-2011       CPB (Dutch Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis)

    2000-2007       Senior researcher SCHOLAR (University of Amsterdam)

    1999-2000       Social and Economic Council (SER)

    1997-1999       Dutch Educational Council (Onderwijsraad)

    1989-1997              Foundation of Economic Research (SEO), University of Amsterdam

    1988-1989       Statistics Netherlands


    1999    Ph. D in Economics at University of Amsterdam; subject: Student Decisions and Consequences; Promotor: Prof. dr. J. Hartog (UVA)

    1988    MA. Economics and MA. in Sociology at University of Groningen


    1998    Hennipman award for 'Enrolment in higher education in the Netherlands', in De Economist (with H. Oosterbeek)

    1989    Award for best MA. thesis, section of Research Methods, Sociology, University of Groningen