Papers by Veronika Köbberling

     Köbberling, Veronika, Christiane Schwieren, & Peter P. Wakker (2005), “Prospect-Theory's Diminishing Sensitivity versus Economics' Intrinsic Utility of Money: How the Introduction of the Euro Can Be Used to Disentangle the Two Empirically,” Dept. of Economics, University of Maastricht, The Netherlands.

     Köbberling, Veronika (2006), “Preference Foundations for Difference Representations,” Economic Theory 27, 375-391.

     Köbberling, Veronika & Peter P. Wakker (2005), “An Index of Loss Aversion,” Journal of Economic Theory 122, 119-131.

     Köbberling, Veronika (2004), Book Review of: Itzhak Gilboa & David Schmeidler (2001), A Theory of Case-Based Decisions, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK; Economica 71, 508-509.

     Köbberling, Veronika & Peter P. Wakker (2004), “A Simple Tool for Qualitatively Testing, Quantitatively Measuring, and Normatively Justifying Savage's Subjective Expected Utility,” Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 28, 135-145.

     Köbberling, Veronika (2003), “Comments on: Edi Karni and Zvi Safra (1998),” Journal of Mathematical Psychology 47, 370.

     Köbberling, Veronika (2003), “Risk Attitude: Preference Models and Applications to Bargaining,” Ph.D. dissertation, METEOR, Maastricht University, The Netherlands.

     Köbberling, Veronika & Hans J.M. Peters (2003), “The Effect of Decision Weights in Bargaining Problems,” Journal of Economic Theory 110, 154-175.

     Köbberling, Veronika & Peter P. Wakker (2003), “Preference Foundations for Nonexpected Utility: A Generalized and Simplified Technique,” Mathematics of Operations Research 28, 395-423.

Last updated: July 15, 2005.