Fonts for Windows, with symbols so as to write mathematics with MS-Word or Powerpoint, can be downloaded here (e.g. through the right-click of your mouse). Installing the fonts amounts to, simply, copying the font-files to a folder called FONTS somewhere in your systems maps, maybe at WINDOWS/FONTS. I am not aware of disadvantages of installing additional fonts. The advantage is that, henceforth, you can use these fonts in all Microsoft programs on your computer.
  1. font 1: MATH1___.TTF
  2. font 2: MATH3___.TTF
  3. font 3: MATH4___.TTF
  4. font 4: MATH5___.TTF
  5. font 5: MATH3M__.TTF
  6. font 6: MATH5M_0.TTF
  7. font 7: MTEXTRA.TTF
  8. font 8: BSSYM4.TTF
  9. font 9: BSSYM5.TTF
  10. font 10: EUSM7.TTF
  11. font 11: WPHV06NA.TTF
  12. font 12: SYMBOL.TTF