INFORMS; INFORMS conference calendar.

  1. M-BEES (June 8) & M-BEPS 2020 (June 9) (Maastricht Behavioral and Experimental Economics Symposium); June 8-9, Maastricht, the Netherlands. Abstract deadline: February 23.
    Cancelled due to Corona.

  2. Symposium on the Cognitive Underpinnings of Economic Behavior; June 10, Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
    Postponed due to corona.

  3. Experiments, Revealed Preferences, and Decisions (WiERD); June 12-14,

  4. Behavioral Decision Research and Management (BDRM); June 16-18, Barcelona, Spain. Abstract deadline: Jan. 21.
    Cancelled due to Corona.

  5. D-TEA (Decision Theory: Theory and Applications); June 16-19, Paris, France. Topic: Prospect Theory. Abstract deadline: Feb. 29; send to
    Will be online due to Corona.

  6. BRIC (8th Annual Bounded Rationality in Choice Conference); June 20-21, Prague, Czech Republic. Abstract deadline: Feb. 15.

  7. RUD; June 22-24, London, UK. Abstract deadline: March 3.
    Postponed till December.

  8. FUR (Foundations of Utility and Risk); July 1-4, Sydney, Australia. Abstract deadline: Jan. 15.
    Postponed due to corona virus. Planned for next year.

  9. SABE Conference; July 22-26, Moscow, Russia. Abstract deadline: March 15.
    Online due to Corona.

  10. Meeting of the European Mathematical Psychology Group (EMPG); August 24 - 26, Trento, Italy. Abstract deadline: April 26.
    Postponed due to corona virus.

  11. European Economic Association (EEA); August 24-27, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Abstract deadline: Feb. 15.
    Will be online due to corona virus.

  12. International Society for Quality-of- Life Studies (18th Annual Conference); August 25-28, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Abstract deadline: Feb. 28.

  13. 45th IAREP Conference; September 24-27, Kristiansand, Norway. Abstract deadline: June 1.

  14. Research in Behavioral Finance Conference 2020; 22-23 October, Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Abstract deadline: June 19.