1. INFORMS; INFORMS conference calendar.
  2. IABE conferences.

  3. 38th Linz Seminar on Fuzzy Set Theory "Set Functions in Games and Decision"; 5-8 February, Linz, Austria. Abstract deadline: Nov. 15.

  4. RUD & D-TEA June 3-7, Paris, France.
    D-TEA: June 3 - June 5 (morning); theme: ambiguity;
    RUD: June 5 (afternoon) - June 7;
    Abstract for D-TEA only: email to dteaparis@gmail.com.
    Abstract for RUD only: email to rud.conference@gmail.com.
    Submissions for both: email jointly to both email addresses in one message.
    Abstract deadline for all: February 28.

  5. BRIC (7th Annual Bounded Rationality in Choice Conference); June 9-10, Aarhus, Denmark. Abstract deadline: Feb. 15.

  6. PCBS2019 (Prague Conference on Behavioral Sciences); April 5-6, Prague, Czech Republic. Abstract deadline: March 14.

  7. 4th Coller Conference on Behavioral Economics (CCBE); June 19-20, Tel Aviv, Israel. Abstract/registration deadline: Feb. 1.

  8. DAS Conference - Advances in Decision Analysis 2019; June 19-21, Milan, Italy. Abstract deadline: Jan. 10.

  9. Bayesian Crowd Conference; June 24-25, Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Abstract deadline: March 3.

  10. 20th ISIPTA School on Imprecise Probabilities; Society for Imprecise Probability: Theories and Applications; July 3-6, Ghent, Belgium. Submission deadline: February 15.

  11. 2019 meeting of the European Mathematical Psychology Group (EMPG 2019); August 5 - August 7, Heidelberg, Germany. Abstract deadline: announced later.

  12. 27th SPUDM (Subjective Probability, Utility, and Decision Making) Conference; Aug. 18-22, Amsterdam, the Neherlands. Abstract deadline: 31 December.