Software developed for  Ruut Veenhoven

1986 Correlate catalog
Tool for summarizing correlational findings
Dbase application by Wil Bouwman. Now integrated in SSRS (below)

Correlational Findings on Happiness
1990 Bibliography
Tool for ordering publications
Dbase application by Nanning Dijkstra. Now Integrated in SSRS (below)
Bibliography of Happiness
1995-2003 Support System for Research Synthesis (SSRS)
Finding filer: tool for archiving empirical research findings
MsAccess application and dynamic internet pages by Henk DeHeer
World Database of Happiness
2004 Programma voor registratie van Onderzoeks Prestaties (PROP)
Tool for the registration of research output of persons and departments
MsExcell application by Wim Kalmijn and Masja VanMeeteren

2004 IAH calculator.
Tool for computing Inequality-Adjusted Happiness in nations
MsExcell application by Wim Kalmijn

IAH calculator
2005 Scale Interval Recorder (SIR)
Tool for for assessing ranges denoted by verbal response options to single survey questions. Web based.
Together with Peter Hermus

Scale Interval Recorder
2006 Dagboek van Gisteren (Yesterday's Diary)
Tool for web based assesment of daily activities and accompaning mood
together with Peter Hermus

Happiness Indicator

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