The role of consumption on life-satisfaction

Devrim Dumladag, Ozge Gokdemir and Ruut Veenhoven

International journal of Business and Applied Social Sciences (IJBASS), 7 (10).
E-ISSN2469-650. DOI:

In economic theory ‘consumption’ is commonly seen as final ‘utility’, but the factual relationship between consumption and life-satisfaction has hardly been considered. Empirical research on this matter can provide a basis for more informed consumer choice. We add to the emerging literature on this matter with a survey study among the general public in Turkey.

For the degree of absolute consumption, we found a negative relationship with life-satisfaction, savers being happier than spenders. For kinds of consumption we found mostly negative correlations with life-satisfaction, in particular with housing expenses. The only positive correlation with life-satisfaction was expenses on eating out and vacations.

These results illustrate that the relationship between consumption and life-satisfaction is more complex and variable than is commonly assumed. 

consumer behavior, experienced utility, contextual variation, happiness, life satisfaction, absolute consumption, savings.

Jel. Codes: D11, D12, D14, I31

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