in Japan and the netherlands

Joop Stam and Ruut Veenhoven (eds). KIT Publishers, Amsterdam 2007, 173 pages, ISBN 978-9068324358, NIOD Encounter Series Volume 1


Chapter 1

Ruut Veenhoven:
Quality of life in nations. As measured by how long and happy people live

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Chapter 2 Ivan Chan
Trends in happiness in Japan and The Netherlands
Chapter 3 Henk Vinken
Happiness in Japan and The Netherlands since the 1980s
Chapter 4 Cretien VanCampen
The importance of being healthy
Chapter 5 Toshisuke Ozawa
Trends in happiness among young Japanese women
Chapter 6 Kazufumi Manabe
Cross-national comparison of the structure of well-being
Chapter 7 Takeshi Shinoda
Polarizing society and quality of life in Japan
Chapter 8 Nobuhiko Meada
Transition to later life and quality of life
Chapter 9 Peter TenHope
Happiness across cultures: How to rate it, how to achieve it
Chapter 10 Yoshitaka Nagasawa
Business structure and governance. Differences between Japanese and Dutch companies
Chapter 11

Ruut Veenhoven
Does happiness matter? On the value of great happiness for a great number

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