Ruut Veenhoven
Chapter 1 in: Saris, W.E., Veenhoven, R., Scherpenzeel, A.C. & Bunting B. (eds) 'A comparative study of satisfaction with life in Europe. Eötvös University Press, 1996, ISBN963 463 081 2, pp. 11-48

This chapter reviews the literature on life satisfaction. Six questions are considered: 1) What is the point of studying life-satisfaction? 2) What is life-satisfaction? 3) Can life-satisfaction be measured? 4) How satisfied are we? 5) What causes us to be satisfied or dissatisfied with life? 6) Can the level of life-satisfaction be increased? These questions are considered at the individual level as well as the societal level. In the concluding section a general overview is given of the work presented in this book.

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