Subjective appreciation of life in 56 nations 1946-1992

By Ruut Veenhoven, with the assistance of Joop Ehrhardt, Monica SieDhianHo and Astrid DeVries
RISBO, Erasmus University Rotterdam, 1993, ISBN 90-72597-46-X, 365 pages     

Part 1 Assessing livability of nations by happiness
Introductory text

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Part 2 Happiness in representative nation samples
Tables on happiness in general public samples up to 1990
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Part 3 Happiness in social categories in nations
Tables on happiness in special groups up to 1990.
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Part 4 Review of data by country
Overview of data by nation up to 1990.
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    chapter abstracts
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Book out of print.
Updated electronic version in World Database of Happiness, Collection Happiness in Nations