Ruut Veenhoven
Published in German in: 'Sexualmedizin', vol. 5, pp. 350-357, 1976

Thanks to the sensible course of conduct of everybody involved, and due to the fact that liberalization of abortion was not introduced by abrupt legislation, it was possible in the Netherlands to solve transitional problems within a few years. The rush of women from within and outside the country only developed gradually, so that procurement of facilities could keep abreast of demands. High rates of complications were avoided as a result, making Dutch figure for mortality the lowest in the world. Meanwhile the number of patients is on the wane, and, at a rate of 8 %, the number of women asking for abortion a second time lies within reasonable bounds. Research projects of the Stimezo-Nederland are now concentrated on the question as to what treatment might be favourable to effective birth control in the women subsequently.

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