Current Research / Under consideration

selected projects status impact factor/nombre d'etoiles of (target) journal
Cozarenco, A., F. Lasch and R. Thurik, Replication of Parker and Van Praag JBV 2012.
Wismans, A., P. Jansen, R. Thurik, P. Prinzie and I. Franken, Seeking the roots of entrepreneurship: childhood extraversion predicts entrepreneurial intention in adults.
0 -/***
Leung, Y.K., J. Mukerjee, A.R. Thurik and O. Torrès,  Unobtrusive  measures  of narcissism  and  entrepreneurial behavior. -
Verheul, I., N. de Vries and A.R. Thurik, Temporal focus and the entrepreneurial orientation of solo self-employed individuals. 0 ?/***
Montani, F., R. Stagliano, A.R. Thurik, and O. Torrès, The effects of CEO compassionate goals on organizational innovation.
6 Wismans, A., et al., Face-masks, Covid-19 and students
0                   ?/?
7 Zwan, P. van der, et al., Vaccination intention, Covid-19 and French entrepreneurs 0 ?/?
8 Wismans, A., et al., Entrepreneurial intention of students during Covid-19 0 ?/***
9 Lodder, M., A. Wismans and A.R. Thurik, Entrepreneurial intention of Dutch students during Covid-19. 0 -/-
10 Benzari, A., Ch. Fisch,  J. Mukerjee,  R. Thurik and O. Torrès,  Techno-overload and well-being outcomes in French small business owners during the COVID-19 crisis. 0 3.0/***
11 Guiliani, F., Ch. Fisch, R. Thurik and O. Torrès, Entrepreneurial alertness and burnout during Covid-19. 0 ?/***
12 Guiliani, R. Thurik and O. Torrès, Entrepreneurial health 0 -/***