Current Research / Under consideration

selected projects status impact factor/nombre d'etoiles of (target) journal
Cozarenco, A., F. Lasch and R. Thurik, The entrepreneur's mode of entry.
Wismans, A., P. Jansen, R. Thurik, P. Prinzie and I. Franken, Seeking the roots of entrepreneurship: childhood extraversion predicts entrepreneurial intention in adults.
uc 6.6/***
Carree, M., A. van Stel and R. Thurik, The effect of entrepreneurial activity on national economic growth revisited. -
Verheul, I., N. de Vries, J. Mukerjee and A.R. Thurik, Temporal focus and the entrepreneurial orientation of solo self-employed individuals. 0 ?/***
Mukerjee, J., R. Thurik, O. Torrès and P. van der Zwan, Organizational play and psychological well-being in entrepreneurs.
Udo, R., L. van Teefelen and A.R. Thurik, Entrepreneurial orientation and the the success of music artists.
0 ?/?
Torrès, O., G. Soenen, M. LeMoal and A.R. Thurik, Entrepreneurs’ well-being, burnout and recovery experiences. 0 ?/?
Guiliani, F., Ch. Fisch, R. Thurik and O. Torrès, Entrepreneurial alertness and burnout . 0 ?/***
9 Teeffelen, L., J. Mukerjee and R. Thurik, Daily recovery experiences in Dutch small businesses. - ?/?
10 Meurer, M.M., M. Belitsky, Ch. Fisch, A.R. Thurik, Is publishing today different from publishing yesterday?  Evidence from ETP. 0  10.0/**** 
11 Meurer, M.M., M. Belitsky, Ch. Fisch, A.R. Thurik, How to get published: a text analysis approach to the optimal distinctiveness of entrepreneurship papers.
uc 6.4/***
12 Mukerjee, J., R. Thurik, O. Torrès and P. van der Zwan, Entrepreneurial play in small organizations. -  ?***
13 Leung, Y.K., J. Mukerjee, A.R. Thurik and O. Torrès,  Unobtrusive  measures  of narcissism  and  entrepreneurial behavior.
- ?/?