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Personal Data

Associate Professor
Department of Applied Economics
Erasmus School of Economics, PO Box 1738
3000 DR Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Office: H12-29
Tel.: +31 (0)10 408 27 08
Email: stoop@ese.eur.nl
Tinbergen Institute candidate fellow

Personal background

Date of birth: August 1, 1982
Nationality: Dutch


Potters, J., and Stoop, J. (2016). Do cheaters in the lab also cheat in the field?. European Economic Review, 87, 26-33

van Soest, D., Stoop, J. and Vyrastekova, J. (2016). Towards a delineation of the circumstances in which cooperation can be sustained in environmental and resource problems. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 77, 1-13

Noussair, C. N., van Soest, D., and Stoop, J. (2015). Cooperation in a Dynamic Fishing Game: A Framed Field Experiment. American Economic Review: Papers and Proceedings, 105(5), 408-13.

Noussair, C. N., van Soest, D., and Stoop, J. (2015). Punishment, reward, and cooperation in a framed field experiment. Social Choice and Welfare, 45(3), 537-559.

Noussair, C. N., and Stoop, J. (2015). Time as a medium of reward in three social preference experiments. Experimental Economics, 18(3), 442-456.

Stoop, J. (2014). From the lab to the field: envelopes, dictators and manners. Experimental Economics, 17(2), 304-313.

Stoop, J., van Soest, D. P., and Vyrastekova, J. (2013). A tale of two carrots: the effectiveness of multiple reward stages in a common pool resource game. Handbook on Experimental Economics and the Environment, 291.

Stoop, J., Noussair, C. N., and Van Soest, D. (2012). From the lab to the field: Cooperation among fishermen. Journal of Political Economy, 120(6), 1027-1056.

Working Papers

Are the rich more selfish than the poor, or do they just have more money? A natural field experiment, with James Andreoni and Nikos Nikiforakis

On the role of groupsize in tournaments: Theory and evidence from lab and field experiments, with John List, Daan van Soest and Haiwen Zhou

Prizes and Awards

2015: Winner Pierson medal
2014: NWO Veni grant, €250.000
2013: EUR Fellowship, €135.000


Behavioral Economics
Experimental Economics, social dilemmas
Field Experiments, social dilemma's, tournaments


2017- Introduction to Behavioral Economics (Ba course)
2010- Experimental Economics (Ma course)