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Ethnic Minorities and Inter-Ethnic Relations in Context A Dutch-Hungarian comparison
Edited by Karen Phalet and Antal Örkény

Ashgate, Aldershot, 2001
Research in Migration and Ethnic Relations Series

Karen Phalet, Dr, European Research Centre on Ethnic and Minority Relations/ERCOMER, Utrecht University, the Netherlands and Antal Orkeny, Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest, Hungary.
ISBN: 0-7546-1870-6 December 2001 414 pages £45.00 Hardback

Focusing on Hungary and The Netherlands, this book unites state-of-the-art empirical research concerning inter-ethnic relations with analyses of the political, legislative, educational and urban planning contexts of two societies dealing with the pressures inherent in moving towards greater international interdependence. The contributions are divided into four thematic sections, exploring ethnic and national identities and stereotypes, anti-Semitism and anti-Romany prejudice, spheres of exclusion and the concept of a "politics of inclusion." The book not only presents striking comparisons of the societies of Hungary and The Netherlands, but also offers new directions and approaches for future comparative analyses of inter-ethnic relations in contemporary Europe.


Karen Phalet and Antal Örknéy, Ethnic minorities and inter-ethnic relations: national configurations and cross-national dimensions
Louk Hagendoorn, Ethnic and National Identities and Sterotypes: Stereotypes of ethnic minorities in the Netherlands
Peer Scheepers, Geneviève Verberk and Marcel Coenders, Recent Dutch research on ethnocentrism in an international perspective
György Csepeli, Zoltán Fábián and Endre Sik, Determinants of denial and acceptance of refugees in Hungary
Maykel Verkuyten, Ethnic minority identification
Henk Dekker, Nationalism, its conceptualization and operationalization
Antal Örkény and Ildikó Szabó, Representations of minorities among Hungarian children
András Kovács, Antisemitism and Anti-"Gypsy" Prejudice: The strength of antisemitism in present day Hungary
Ruben Konig, Peer Scheepers and Albert Felling, Research on antisemitism: a review of previous findings and the case of the Netherlands in the 1990s
Zsolt Enyedi, Ferenc Erós and Zoltán Fábián, Authoritarianism and prejudice in present day Hungary
Maria Székelyi, György Csepeli and Antal Örkény, Attitudes and stereotypes of Hungarian police towards gypsies
Justus Veenman, Spheres of Exclusion: Ethnic minority educational and labour market performance in the Netherlands,
Péter Radó, Roma students in the Hungarian educational system
János Ladányi; Socio-economic and ethnic residential segregation in Budapest during market transition
Sako Musterd, Immigration and ethnic segregation in the Netherlands with a special focus on Amsterdam
Herman van der Wusten, Towards a Politics of Inclusion?: Verzuiling and post-Verzuiling politics in the Netherlands: coping with changing diversity
Gábor Kardos, Towards a model of incorporation: the case of The Netherlands, Han Entzinger; Legal protection of minority rights in Hungary
Gijs van Oenen, Too close for comfort: how immigration unsettles political theory and practice