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Interactive metal fatigue. The interpassive transformation of democratic life

Dr Elke Müller

Elke Müller received her master degree in philosophical anthropology from the University of Amsterdam in 1998 (cum laude). She has been a Ph.D. researcher (AIO) at the Faculty of Philosophy of Erasmus University from 1999-2005.

From 2005-2006 she was post-doc researcher at the Center for Public Innovation of the Department of Government, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

In 2009, she successfully defended her doctoral dissertation at the Faculty of Philosophy of Erasmus University. The title of her thesis was: "Tijdreizen in de grot. Virtualiteit en lichamelijkheid van panorama tot CAVE" ["Time travelling in the cave. Virtuality and embodiment from panaroma to CAVE"]. Dissertation supervisor was prof Jos de Mul.

A commercial version of the thesis was published in 2009, by Klement.

Since January 2010, Elke Müller is postdoc researcher in the Interactive metal fatigue research project at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Her research focuses on the relation between Enlightenment, embodiment, 'fashionable diseases', and interpassivity.

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