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Pictures PhD defense

Friday February 20, 2004

Graduation ceremony: Rommert gives the "bul" to me

Graduation ceremony: speech of Albert

The committee leaves the room


The rector magnificus, followed by Rommert Dekker and Leo Kroon (left), Guy Desaulniers and Hans Frenk (right)


Discussion after the defense between Ramon and myself (left), the 'paranimfs' and me (right)

The foreign committee members, Raymond Kwan and Guy Desaulniers, in their robe

Guy, Albert and Raymond after the defense

Ramon and his girl-friend, Bearene

Congratulations for me and my parents


Rommert, Raymond, Dennis, Nanda Piersma, Guy, Leo, Nanda again and Kerry (Albert's wife)


Left gift of my parents: "bronzen beeld" of my head, 'De Doorzetter'; 
right speech of Albert


Pictures Informs Conference San Jose

Ceremony of prizes: (from left to right) Chip Kraft (RASIG), Dennis Huisman and Ramon Lentink

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