Fifth International Workshop on Web Information Systems Modeling (WISM 2008)
(Held in conjunction with ER 2008)

Workshop Program:

Tuesday, October 22th 2008


Session 1

Hui Ma, Klaus-Dieter Schewe, Bernhard Thalheim, and Qing Wang
Abstract State Services - A Theory of Web Services
(slides, pdf)

Roberto De Virgilio and Riccardo Torlone
A Meta-Model Approach to the Management of Hypertexts in Web Information Systems
(slides, pdf)

Lutzen Luinenburg, Slinger Jansen, Jurriaan Souer, Sjaak Brinkkemper, and Inge van de Weerd
An Approach to Creating Design Methods for the Implementation of Product Software: the Case of Web Information Systems
(slides, pdf)




Session 2

Maria Alpuente, Michele Baggi, Demis Ballis, and Moreno Falaschi
Semantic Verification of Web System Contents
(slides, pdf)

Sandro Jose Rigo and Jose Palazzo Moreira de Oliveira
Identifying Users Stereotypes with Semantic Web Mining
(slides, pdf)

Viorel Milea, Michael Mrissa, Kees van der Sluijs, and Uzay Kaymak
On Temporal Cardinality in the Context of the TOWL Language
(slides, pdf)