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Bauke Visser

Full name: Bauke Visser
Affiliations: Professor, Department of Economics, Erasmus School of Economics, Erasmus University Rotterdam
Fellow, Tinbergen Institute
Address: P.O. Box 1738, 3000 DR Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Room: H 9-21
Phone: (+31) 10 - 408 14 49
Fax: (+31) 10 - 408 91 61
Email: bvisser "at" ese "dot" eur "dot" nl
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Curriculum Vitae     


1. Decision-Making Processes

Optimal Signaling with Cheap Talk And Money Burning, International Journal of Game Theory, forthcoming (with Vladimir Karamychev)

Is Transparency to no Avail? Committee Decision-Making, Pre-meetings, and Credible Deals, Scandinavian Journal Of Economics (2013), 115: 967-994 (with Otto H. Swank)
    version May 2012

How Committees of Experts Deal with the Outside World: Some Theory, and Evidence from the FOMC, Journal of the European Economic Association, Papers (2008), 6: 478-486 (with Job Swank and Otto H. Swank)

The Consequences of Endogenizing Information for the Performance of a Sequential Decision Structure, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2008), 65: 667-681, (with Otto H. Swank)

On Committees of Experts, Quarterly Journal of Economics (2007), 122: 337-372 (with Otto H. Swank)
    wp-version with more detailed discussion of 2-person case

Organizational Communication Structure and Performance, Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization (2000), 42: 231-252


2. Learning

Learning from Others? Decision Rights, Strategic Communication, and Reputational Concerns, American Economic Journal: Microeconomics (2015), 7: 109-149 (with Otto H. Swank)


Endogenous Local Interaction and Multi-Product Firms, Journal of Evolutionary Economics (1999), 9:243-263


3. Managerial Behaviour

Motivating Through Delegating Tasks or Giving Attention, Journal of Law, Economics and Organization (2007), 23: 731-742 (with Otto H. Swank)

On the Bad Reputation of Reputational Concerns, Journal of Public Economics (2004), 88: 2817-2838 (with Guido Suurmond and Otto H. Swank)

Confidence Management: on Interpersonal Comparisons in Teams, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy (2013), 22: 744–767 (with Benoît Crutzen and Otto H. Swank)
    version June 2012


4. Corporate and Political Governance

In Defense of Boards, Journal of Economics & Management Strategy (2008), 17: 667-682 (with Silvia Dominguez Martínez and Otto H. Swank)

Do Elections Lead to Informed Public Decisions?, Public Choice (2006), 129: 435-460 (with Otto H. Swank)


5. Organizational Complexity

A Cognitive Approach to Organizational Complexity, in Minati, Pessa and Abram (eds), Systemics of Emergence, Springer (2006) (with Guido Fioretti)

A Cognitive Interpretation of Organizational Complexity, Emergence: Complexity and Organization (2004), 6: 11-23 (with Guido Fioretti)

A New Approach to the Complexity of Decision Problems (2002)
    working paper

Complexity, Robustness, and Performance: Trade-Offs in Organizational Design (2004)
    working paper


6. Miscellaneous

Prospective Effects of the Introduction of the Euro in Border Regions within the European Union (1999), The Robert Schuman Centre, European University Institute, Florence, (with Marc Gramberger, Benoît Friguet, Leila Talani  and Kerstin Ullrich)

Work in Progress

Peer Effects of Editorship: the Case of Economics (with Lorenzo Ductor)

Location and Concentration of Editors of Economics Journals (with Lorenzo Ductor)

Who Becomes an Editor? Evidence from Economics Journals (with Lorenzo Ductor)

Location and Concentration of Editors: Five Disciplines Compared (with Clara Calero Medina and Lorenzo Ductor)

Committee Decision Making: Peer Effects and Market Pressure (with Otto H. Swank)

Reputation Management and Assessment in the Lab (with Sander Renes)

Monetary Unification: Join and Stay? (with Enrico Perotti and Matteo Crosignani)