Call for PhD Students

Resource Allocation for Green Cloud Computing

We are looking for PhD students to join our research project on green cloud computing. This project is about assignment of virtual computers to a set of physical servers in time. The objective is to obtain an optimal allocation of resources (server capacities) such that the energy consumption is minimized.

The project plan consists of the following steps:

  1. Developing mathematical programming models
  2. Proposing solution algorithms
  3. Conducting numerical experiments
  4. Supervising an actual industry application on OpenStack

The main tools to complete this project shall come from the following subjects: stochastic dynamic programming, integer programming, column generation, decomposition techniques. The PhD candidates will learn all these subjects while pursuing their degree.


Applicants with a background in one of the following fields; operations research, industrial engineering, computer science, mathematics or electrical engineering, can easily adapt to our project. However, we welcome all interested individuals with different backgrounds as our main selection criterion is the applicant’s enthusiasm.

The students working in this project will be PhD candidates in Industrial Engineering Program of Sabancı University. These students will have financial support as long as they satisfy the program requirements.

If you are interested, please send an email to İlker Birbil.

Project Team